Friday, December 12, 2014

Merry making.

If you still read this blog, you know me.
And if you know know that Christmas is my favorite time of year. Like, my most favoritest of all favorites.
The sights, the smells, the traditions, the coziness, the hopefulness...all of it. I eat it up. I'm what you might call a Christmas junkie. And I love it.


We've picked out our tree at Swanson's the past couple of years and continued with this tradition this year. It's such a fun, festive nursery- complete with reindeer, a camel, hot chocolate, and a train village that this year drove around a Frozen world. A perfect start to our holiday festivities!

It's been especially fun this year watching how Charlotte is really getting it all. Sure, she got it last year too...but this year she is ALL about it. I've clearly passed my love of this holiday on to her and I must say, it makes me pretty darn happy. She helped me decorate the entire house, which was accompanied by her enthusiastic ooohs and aaahs and isn't this one beautiful mommy? My helper elf. 

I can remember growing up my dad would always lift me up to put the finishing touch, the star, on the tree. I'm so thankful my girls will have these same memories. Of course, they both needed a turn.
We've also made a tradition of heading downtown to check out all the lights and the carousel each year. And for two people who just don't get downtown very much, Nick and I both agreed it is pretty magical there. The bonus of the night was that we timed it unintentionally perfectly with the snowing that happens inside each night at Pacific Place...AND Santa happened to be there, with no line. We jumped at the chance. A bit disheveled? Yep. But, a no line Santa and kids in matching pants just doesn't happen every day. The stars aligned for us.

Just a little chit chat session with the big guy.

I giggle at these photos and hope that the girls don't hate me someday for just throwing them on a strangers lap and telling the photographer to go for it. Scarring them for life? Possibly. But we get some pretty darn hilarious pictures out of it.
Early morning playing with the nativity set that Grandpa Art painted for my Nanny. This one is off limits to the littlest of hands, so Charlotte thinks it's extra special when she gets it. I think I know an angel in heaven who thinks it's extra special too.

Our Bake Off tradition continues. These girls. My heart. Each year- first weekend of December. A weekend in Suncadia together. No kids. Same delicious food. Lots of drinks. Even more laughs. It is one of my most favorite weekends of the year. And while the crafting for me has turned into addressing Christmas cards, I leave recharged with the love of these special friends.
Plus, it snowed. I mean?!!! Color me happy.

 Happy return to the merriness.

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