Sunday, December 28, 2014

These are a few of my favorite things...

Oh December, you've been so good to us. And though you've left little time for blogging and any actual writing in this space, I'll take it. This month has been filled with so many wonderful moments. So many moments where I have sat back and looked around and was really aware of the beauty this month brings us each year. Moments where I've texted my own mom, who shares my sometimes overly sappy sentiments and exclaimed, "Seriously, being a parent is the best thing ever!!". We've had such fun, and while I still don't understand why "A Few of My Favorite Things" from my beloved Sound of Music is considered a Christmas song...even still, a recap of some of our favorite things.

Christmas Party
I've been wanting to host a little holiday shindig at our house for a while now, but always hesitated because our house is, well, cozy...and best for entertaining in the summer when a backyard can be utilized. But we figured that what better time to be cozy than the holidays?! And I'm so glad we went with it because it turned out just lovely. Some of our most favorite friends, kids included, all gathered in our home. It was such beautiful chaos and my heart was incredibly happy!

We may or may not have resorted to a bit/a lot of Christmas cartoons to keep the littles entertained...

This girl. So thankful the interwebs connected us!

Sugar, sugar and more sugar
From gingerbread houses to sugar cookie's safe to say the girls got their fair share of sweets this month. But just look how happy it makes them?!

Pictures of you.
By the end of the month my two card holders were bursting at the seams with the friendly faces of our friends and family. I don't know how I'm ever going to take them down?

Friend Gatherings.
One thing Nick and I have discussed lately is how fortunate we really are to live within such close proximity to many of our friends. While at times life gets busy and we may not see folks even when we are just blocks away, this month was different. Our community was at its finest...ornament exchanges, luminary lit walks around Greenlake followed by lasagna dinners for 25, cookie decorating, mom's night happy hour drinks. We showed up. We celebrated. And it was wonderful!

Prepping for Santa. And his reindeer.
Because Santa isn't the only one who should get the treats.

Seattle Center Winterfest Iceskating
Last year this idea sounded really fun...and it lasted about 2.2 seconds. Charlotte wasn't having it. And though she did declare last year that she thought perhaps at age 6 she might be ready to try again, it turns out 4 was the perfect age. She loved the iceskating with her daddy...and Mada and I loved being the spectators.

Errands in pajamas.
Because, I mean...why not?
Christmas Party in the Frog Room

That's the face of, "I made a match!" Apparently I was reeeeeeal excited about it.
Long winter naps.

Annual Girls Gift Exchange
And the temporary return of our girl from London. I was like a moth to a flame to her all night. Following her around. Sitting too close. Snuggling in fact. But, we miss her. And I have to eat her up when I get the chance. Such a holiday treat!


December you've been a blur, but you're always my favorite.

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