Wednesday, December 2, 2015

The most magical of magic places.

That's right Disneyland.
Or as my girl Charlotte calls it, Dis-a-neyland!!!
We took the plunge and booked the trip months ago- deciding that the time was right to take our girls to the magical land.
After the summer rush, before the big holiday crowds, and heck- she's still in kindergarten, so we can pull her out, right?!
Little did we know it would be the week leading up to the day we needed to be out of the apartment and in the new house.
(more on that later)
But for those 4 glorious days, none of that mattered.
We left the world behind and just focused on them and being together and the magic of it all.
Adventuring together.
Let's be real though, shall we. There were some moments of tension. Some melt downs at who was going to ride in the back of the stroller, which lines looked the shortest, what the best plan of action should be, and how many trinkets we just needed to have.
But overall...oh my goodness. It was such a delight. Having not been back since I was in second grade I think I was just as excited as the girls to experience it all again. And to have my mama with us was the icing on the cake!
Those days gave us a glimpse into the life through the eyes of a 5 year old and an almost 3 year old...and there is a reason why they call it the happiest place on earth.
Kids and Disney know how to do it right.

We made it!! And it is bright and sunny.

A hotel with the castle and glowing lights of fireworks and lamp music boxes that sing you to sleep? Yes please.

Mader!! I love this picture of these two.

Oh, and did I mention it was my birthday while we were there?! BEST birthday ever. Someone really set the day on perfect, and I'm pretty sure no less than 60+ people wished me happy birthday.

Her face.

Princess breakfast at Ariel's Grotto.


The light parade and fireworks was one of my favorites of the entire trip!

She definitely did not need this nap...

Nick wasn't so sure of the swaying on this ferris wheel.

Until next time Disney...thank you for the magic.

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Amy Lovik said...

The girls smiles in each picture are SO awesome.