Friday, October 15, 2010

Some days

Some days are better than other days.
Some weeks sparkle, and others more lacking in their luster.

This week has been one of the latter weeks.

And for no one reason in particular, it's just been a little bleh. Probably mostly due to the fact that Charlotte and I both have colds (our second for the month! am I in for a long year?!), but couple that with life, traffic, stresses at work, the economy....well, I've just been left feeling a little not my usual self self this week.

But then I look at this face. This sweet, goofy, smiling face and I know that everything is just fine.



And today is Friday. A Friday that will take us to Walla Walla for some grammie time, rest and recharging. And we can't wait.

Yes, everything is fine. Scratch that. Everything is perfect...just as it is. Thank you baby for helping me remember that every day.


Matt and Teresa said...

Love you girls. Have a fabulous weekend in WW. Let's chat soon.

Erin said...

Charlotte gets more and more beautiful everyday - her porcelain skin, big blue eyes and gorgeous lips are just a few of the things that make your baby girl perfect.
Have so much fun in WW this weekend!

Michelle said...

Ahhh her Oct calendar pics are SO cute! Hang in there friend, a WW visit helps everything :) Love you!

The Moore Family said...

Ohhh, that is the sweetest face ever!!! Sorry for the bummer week, we all have them. . . but those babes do give us perspective (it's funny as they grow that they can be the ones driving you crazy and then snap you out of "crazy" and into back into "grateful"). Love you girl. Wish I was in Walla Walla this weekend with you . . . sigh.

Lyndsy said...

Could she be any prettier? That second pictures is so cute!