Thursday, October 7, 2010

What I've been loving...

As of lately...

::Loving kissing for Charlotte from her Poppie and Tata (tay-tuh)

Picnik collage OH

::Game time

::Family time (which is always accompanied by delicious food time...)
Picnik collage-food

::The Bumbo chair (we're teaching her young about our love for the beautiful giants...look how much she's checking that guy out!)

::Brand new babies

::and brand new mamas

::little froggy kicking legs

::and those same little legs in tights. Because is there anything cuter than baby tights?!

::birthday puppies (yes of course he gets to eat his puppy "ice cream" treat from the red You Are Special Today plate!)

::morning goodbye kisses (okay, so I don't really love the goodbye's as much as the kisses...)

::and this face. always this sweet face.


Lyndsy said...

Congrats to the Kochers! Those little twinnies are so cute! Happy Birthday to Max (Waldo loves the ice cream too) and that last picture of Charlotte is so sweet!

Erin said...

Your baby girls has so much love from your family - she's a lucky little lady. I miss you guys, would love to see you soon and kiss your girls sweet cheeks.

Marge said...

ahh! She is sooo stinkin cute!!! Hope yo see you ladies soon. Lots of love.

Michelle said...

Oh how I love that sweet little face!!! Such a treat to get to see the two of you unexpectedly last night! :)

Stacie said...

Look at her little smile, melts your heart!!

Mike and Kim said...

Love all those things too!!!!! Thanks for visiting us Miss Charlotte!