Monday, October 17, 2011


The other weekend we celebrated our girl. We said good-bye to husbands and boyfriends, kiddos and pets, responsiblities and to-do lists and we celebrated. An entire dedicated to girlfriends and laughter. Big time celebration folks.


There are certain things we are good at: wine tasting and picture taking being two of them.

Bachelorette portraits

And dancing. We are also REALLY good at dancing. Especially on buses and with poles...


and of the interpretive variety...


It's good to know too, that we are are still really good at the ol' sorority pose.


It was another one of those special days. One where I look around and pause for a moment, feeling so thankful that these crazy, beautiful, creative women are in my life.

Quite simply, they are the best.


The Maids.


Walla Walla girls.

As I sat down to blog tonight and looked through all these pictures, I couldn't help but laugh out loud. We've all been together for so long now, and how many wild nights have there been?! Countless. But give us another reason to celebrate and live it up and we're all over it. Michelle's upcoming wedding was the perfect excuse to cherish these friendships and celebrate not only Brad and Michelle, but all of us and the unstoppable bond we have created together.



And to end our incredible evening of karaoke at Rockbox where private rooms allow for favorite songs to be sung back to back, no stopping to wait for that horrible solo from the weird guy in the corner...just us. Singing to our hearts content. What a dream.


This picture has to be my favorite of the entire day...


I only wish I knew what song this was?!

Happy Bachelorette Michelle! We love you and are so happy for you and Brad. Cheers to always celebrating like this.



Jamieofalltrades said...

Me too! I wish I knew. Maybe Cher? I too have a great photo of you at the hotel. Your arm is up in the air and it looks like half of it is missing. It's so funny, I'll send it to you!

Michelle said...

Excellent post! Thank you so much for all that you did, and for being the photog as well, I had yet to see any photos from that ridiculous day, these made me laugh! Love you so much, you made it quite a spectacular event! Love you! :)

Erin said...

LOL! Such a fun night celebrating the soon-to-be Mrs. Zito!! I'm pretty sure James was singing Cher, but don't ask me as I was probably too busy nursing my injured foot ;)

Mike and Kim said...

Ditto to all of that! Couldn't have had more fun celebrating the future Mrs. Zito and spending a much needed day with all of my favorite girls.

Lyndsy said...

What a fun day! Love that last pic and wine tasting is just too much fun :) XOXO