Monday, October 10, 2011

Life as of lately.

Say what?!
It's October?! My second favorite month of the year (2nd only to December of course, duh.) and I'm just now writing my first post of the month. Poor showing I know. But we've been busy, life has been good, we've been embracing the fall that is upon us.
Mr. Max turned 3. For some reason, he's the only one in this family that we seem to remember to get the red plate out for. He's special like that.

Max #3

These two darling 1 year olds hold a very special place in my heart. We celebrated their birth and this exciting first year. Charlotte can't wait for all the fun adventures to come with these two.

twins bday

She's always been a messy eater, but lately it's taken on a whole new force. The food becomes an actual hair mask, caked into her scalp. The avocado/baked pasta one was the best. Maybe she read somewhere that it contains a lot of vitamins to help her hair grow more?


As of the last two weeks, she's moved to the Pooh Room (I know right?! Pooh Room for a toddler's room? Could they not think of something less, uh, pooie?) Regardless of the name though, Charlotte's new room has been amazing. She is back with all her best friends and she is thriving and loving it. She runs to her buddies each morning and gives them big hugs, they have Circle Time, Arts and Crafts, gym time, outside time, story has been such a blessing.


Because if I have to be away from her during the day, at least I know she is having a good time, and that she's happy. It helps to know that.


She is growing into such a fun little is a joy to witness her wonder and curiousity.


Speaking of curiousity, she's into everything. We got a toilet latch this weekend. Welcome to toddler-hood.


She's found a new favorite friend...Uncle Paul. He's over quite often, and he always comes with delicious treats in hand. The girls got a sweet tooth just like her mama.


If she could, she'd be outside all day long. We are spending as much time as we can in the backyard while we still have these lovely fall days and before the rain fully sets in.


She thought my mums needed some deadheading.


We went to the Northgate Community Center with our PEPS friends for a little "Wear 'em Out". It's interesting as she grows into her own little person, the things she feels comfortable with and the things she doesn't. It took her a good 30 minutes before she'd leave my side, but when she finally did- she had a blast!




We go to music classes on Monday evenings though and she is a total ham...running around the room, hopping in everyone's laps, bopping up and down to the singing. It's a journey this parenthood thing. Just when you think you know how they'll react to a situation, they can surprise you. Just when you think sleeping through the night is a given, she'll have a random couple nights of constant wake ups.


And just when you think you couldn't possibly love her more...the sun rises and another day begins, and you realize that fact you do love her more today than yesterday. It's wild how big a love it is.

Happy fall friends. Hope you are gettin' cozy!


Stacie said...

Happy Fall, Juhl's!! Charlotte is getting so big, what a cutie!

Jamieofalltrades said...

I love your lamby coat, Char-char babe!

Brooke said...

What a beautiful little girl you have. And you just inspired me to actually do my hair. Possibly even curl it. Thank you.

Mike and Kim said...

Yay to moving to the Pooh room Miss Charlotte! I love that diaper changes are part of the schedule:) xoxo

Kris said...

Haha, love the food-in-hair pic! BTW, Kevin came home with a gift from his mom... it's her "you're special today" plate! Kevin also grew up with one of those, too cute! Love that we have one now!