Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Harvest happiness.

The other day I bought a book as a gift. (Secretly I have leafed through the pages and am now wishing the store had two of these books in stock and that I would have purchased them both.)
It's a little book all about developing and discovering a sense of wonder for your family through the seasons. Ways of creating a slower pace involving activities that are connected to the seasons and rhythm of the year.

I love it.
This is what I want for my family.
For my girl.

I want her to know that October means crunchy leaves, and pumpkin patches, and bundling up. I want her to recognize the smell of the muddy ground after a rain and how as it gets darker earlier, we hunker down at home. I want to embrace all that there is to love about the changing seasons.

Lucky for us, we've got some good friends who purchased an amazing house just over the mountains where this most-favorite-of-all-seasons was in full effect.



And we were happy.

happy girl

We spent the weekend enjoying crisp morning walks...

Suncadia 1

Miss Addie Mae has taken a note from Madonna as of recently and really strikes a pose!


and the most darling little Harvest Festival I've ever encountered!



The only downside to the weekend was that my little angel-baby-not-always-an-angel-toddler slept horribly. As in, the worst she has slept since the earliest infant days.

But here is a testiment to a true friend. Instead of pointing out the fact that I'm certain I kept Teresa and her family up all night as well...she just joined me at 5:30 a.m. with her babe, smiled a knowing smile, and we started our day. And 4 cups of coffee later, we were good to go.


There is such comfort in a friendship like that.

Suncadia 2


While we waited in line for a horse and buggy ride, Charlotte made some new friends of her own. Just plopped right down on their laps in the middle of their conversation. They thought it was hysterical, and I thought it was darling. I love her growing independence.




It was a harvest happy October weekend. Thank you Terry!!


Let us put our minds together
and see what kind of life
we can make for our children.
-Sitting Bull


Matt and Teresa said...

Love you Court! I can't wait to see you and Charlotte soon.

Jamieofalltrades said...

I love Addy's pose! Sorry you had such a rough night. Maybe Charlotte just prefers sleeping in the city? I mean, she did like being around all those people, ha! xxoo

Lyndsy said...

Love that photo of little Charlotte holding the pumpkin! Too cute!

The Moore Family said...

So perfect!!!