Monday, October 31, 2011

Stretching it out.

I'm a lover of birthdays.
Every year.
Even though it means I'm getting older, I love everything about them. And another year older means another year to celebrate with those I love.

And I don't just like to celebrate for a day. I think I may have picked up this characteristic from my Auntie, but I prefer to have about a week long celebration.

I mean,'s better that way.

It started with mom coming to visit (and for the record Charlotte is quite smitten with her Grammie)

And a delicious dinner out with my main squeeze. Such a treat, and so appreciated.


Followed the next night by a gorgeous wedding downtown...


And a Sunday spent with our little buddies at the most darling farm/pumpkin patch ever.


Picture baby goats, chickens, ducks, pigs, ponies...all available for viewing and many for petting. Charlotte was in amazement.




farm 4

If you know my know these words aren't exactly what I'd use to describe her these days...


But we entered anyway.

I kept a close watch...don't worry little duckies.


We lucked out with a gorgeous Northwest fall afternoon...

fArrm 2

And attempted another group shot.

I could just hear the kiddos thinking, "Nice try mom's. Never.gonna.happen."

Farm 3


And the perfect way to round out my birthday fun? A dinner gathering with my girls...cozied up together in our family room, chatting, sipping wine, eating and catching up.



Yay for birthdays. Yay for another year. 32, let's make it a good one.

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