Wednesday, September 11, 2013

10 months.

This week my little dove turned 10 months old.
Lately I feel so very aware of the passing of time... and how quickly it goes. Perhaps it's because both girls moved rooms at their school, perhaps it's the impending changing of seasons, perhaps it's because it seems like everything this little one is doing is in fast forward.
Miss Madeleine...
Do you realize that since getting your heart fixed at 7 months, you have just taken off? You have soared baby.
You sat.
You crawled.
You got teeth.
You finally took solid food from us.
You pulled yourself up.
You stand on your own.
You coach surf.
And I swear, you're going to walk soon.
You are fearless.
Now you see why my head is spinning.
You definitely keeps us on our toes. You are not one to miss a thing, always wanting to be where the action is and do exactly what your older sister is doing. You love her so and get so excited to be by her side.

With the exception of still not totally wanting to give in to the whole sleeping through the night thing, you are such an easy baby. Almost always content. We are so lucky.
My favorite time of the day recently is putting you to bed. I pull the shades down, close the door, and let daddy deal with the crazy 3 year old running around the house.
It's just us.
And we just curl into each other.
And when you are done eating, it's the same every roll on your side in my arms and nestle in a little closer as you fall deeper into sleep.
And it melts me. Every time.

I love you so much my little love. Happy 10 months.

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