Thursday, September 5, 2013

My favorite weekend.

Three years in a row makes something a tradition, right?
I'm going with it.
Walla Walla for extended Labor Day weekend is now our tradition. And it might just be one of my most favorite weekends of the entire year.
One last call for hot summer days, followed by relaxing hot summer nights.
The fair.
4H animals.
Cotton Candy.
Corn dogs.
The parade.
Dinner out at my most favorite restaurant, Brasserie Four.
More wine.
Time to really relax.
Time to fall in love with this little town all over again.



 What a difference a year makes. Last year she tried one of these little rides and was terrified. This year she hopped on by herself...such a brave big girl.



 I told them to make a silly face... funny girls.

/WW collage

Walla Walla just really knows how to do summer right.

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Lauren said...

Great seeing you Courtney and Charlotte and loved seeing what a sweet little comedian she has become!