Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Not sure how it happened...

But somehow we have a pre-schooler.
I know Charlotte. That shocked look you are sporting is exactly how I feel.
Last week was a big week for our girl. Officially a pre-schooler. And although the transition was really easy since she's still at the same school, with her same buddies and knows her teachers...it felt different. Bigger. Official.
We kicked off the week with Parent Orientation, learning all about the fun things the year has in store for us...field trips, monthly themes, Parent Teacher Fellowship, show and tell, daily helper jobs, learning, learning, learning.
I am so excited for her. I know she is going to thrive with all this new knowledge that she is going to be exposed to.
But I also just really can't believe it. Can't believe that we are here with this fiery, spirited, hilarious little 3 year old who is off and running at school. 

Charlotte Gracie girl...we are so proud of you. This is going to be an awesome year baby. Now lets just take it reeeeeeeeeeeeal slow and quit it already with this time is flying by nonsense. 

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