Sunday, June 12, 2016

75th Anniversary Gala Auction.

Until this year, Nick and I hadn't been auction goers.
Until this year, I'd never co-hosted the décor for a gala of nearly 300 people.
But it was a year of new beginnings for all of us...and through it all we had SO much fun! After months and months of planning, brainstorming, meeting, was so incredibly rewarding to see everything come together for the 75th Anniversary Gala Night for our St. Catherine's school!
It truly takes an army of people to pull off our biggest fund raiser of the year...and my heart was touched many times during the process, seeing everyone come together.
It's all for the kids...but it sure is fun to have a grown up night, celebrating them and the future of our school!
Family Night on Cinco de Mayo!

Future kindergarten class of 2018-2019!
Helpful 8th graders...the set up begins! 

We did it!! 

My auction gals!


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