Friday, June 3, 2016

Like sand through the hourglass...

...these are the days of our lives.
And at the risk of sounding incredibly cliché, that sand is slipping through the hourglass at an alarming rate these days. I want to yank it and turn it back make the sand start over.
To hold my little babies again, cradled in my arms and rock them to sleep.
But then again...I don't.
It's such a funny thing, watching your kiddos start to grow up.
In a mama's eyes, I think we always see that tiny baby gazing up at us to some extent. We do a double take every morning as they crawl out of bed and come barreling over to hug us, no longer little legs- but long legs, wrapping all the way around our waist.
"Did you grow again last night?!" I often as the girls.
They giggle with excitement at the idea of getting bigger. Stronger.
And I stare at them in wonder, and hold them a bit tighter.
While it can certainly pull on the heart strings to say goodbye to certain is also so much fun to explore, and participate, and grow right along with these two. Three and five (almost 6) are such special ages, and I just find myself daily so thankful for this current phase (even with it's challenges).
Three Is:
Independent. Confident. Sometimes shy. Sassy. Easily frustrated. Quick to cry. Quick to recover. Animated story teller. Amazing interpretive dancer. Particularly in the kitchen. Snuggler. Beautiful singer. Baby doll lover. Big sister obsessed. Opinionated dresser. A girl who loves "her whole flamily".
Five (almost Six) Is:
Kind. Smart. A lover of learning. A lover of friends. A lover of her puppy. Sensitive. Talker. Helper. A bit dramatic. Extremes. Tiny toy collector. Artistic. T-Ball fanatic. Little sister's leader. A listener. An observer. Hair goals. A reader. Huge heart.

My girls. It is such an incredible honor and privilege to be your mama.
You are my greatest adventures...and I love you more through each phase of this journey together.

But if we could just slow down that sand a bit, that would be nice too.

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