Sunday, June 19, 2016

Kinder graduation, and moving up...

Well, my girl knows me well.
She said at her kindergarten graduation program, I would probably cry...and she was right. I mean, I held it together, but there were definitely some tears watching those kiddos on stage, so proud and so confident.
This has been such a year of growth and learning and friendship and love. It's incredible thinking of these little ones starting out the year, letting go of what they knew...for something new. The caution as they began on this journey.
And to look at them today, it just makes my heart swell. They've grown together over this year, and replaced caution with such confidence and assurance in themselves, and in each other. This little school and the community of teachers and families it has brought to our lives has been such an incredible blessing.

Self portrait complete with her gorgeous natural ombre :) 

Last day of school Moving Up Mass, which was such a special and emotional event to participate in. 

As parents, I think we hope we make the right decisions for our kids. We hope they are surrounded by people who really see them for who they are. That they are loved, supported and guided through their educational journeys.
Right after this picture, as much as she tried to hold it back- she burst into tears that she didn't want to leave kindergarten. And my eyes welled up knowing that change is hard, but also so thankful that it's because of so much love that we feel those pulls on our hearts.
This year has been everything we had hoped it would be...and so much more.

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