Sunday, April 19, 2009

Harses, Harses, Harses, Harses...

(you must know what movie that's from, right?!)
Friday night Nick, AJ, Angie and I went down to the opening night at the horse track, Emerald Downs to place our bets. I had some pretty detailed and researched strategies when it came to picking the winning horse: always pick the grey horse, or always pick the horse that you see take a poo right before the race (both of those tips from my Nanny- she loved those Dayton Day horse races!), or if the name is catchy and/or includes the name of someone you know.
Apparently this strategy doesn't always work out so well because here is the picture of our winnings:
That's right...a $1.50 in combined winnings, not exactly impressive. Still, fun night with our fun friends!


The Moore Family said...

You guys are too cute Court!! I always love your references to musicals and songs. You are adorable and did I mention how dang excited I am to see your buns!!!! VERY!

Michelle said...

Ha! Loved grandma's reasoning for her picks, awesome! How did you guys spend your $1.50?