Sunday, April 5, 2009


Love, love, LOVED Wicked the musical! Nick and I had such fun going to dinner and the show with Teresa and Matt down in Portland. I unfortunately didn't get any pictures because it seemed we were dashing around from place to place, with no time to stop for pics.

I am truly in awe every time I see these on earth can these people have such incredible voices while they are bouncing around, dancing, jumping, running, etc. on stage? Such talent. The story line is really sweet, and being a girl who had the "Wizard of Oz" on my line up of about 4 movies that I would watch over and over as a child, it was fun to see the connections back to the original story. I of course teared up during the "Defying Gravity" number, and have had the song in my head since. That could be also due to the fact I keep playing it on repeat. Hee.


Kris said...

I loved, loved, loved Wicked too! Wasn't it one of those things were you think "how didn't I think of that?!" When Sarah and I went in London we hugged eachother, and the people next to us when it ended - such a great, happy musical!

The Moore Family said...

I can't wait until I get to go!! As Sean would say, "I am so pumped right now!" because of your glowing review!!!