Thursday, December 30, 2010

It was wonderful.

...and special and memorable and amazing and all those adjectives one would use to describe their baby's first Christmas.

It was all those things and more.

Xmas 1

Each of the Christmas gatherings we went to were packed to the brim with holiday goodness and celebrations galore...


...and an abundance of love was showered on this sweet girl.

XMas 2

I was emailing with my brother in law and we were discussing how Christmas is our Groundhogs Day. If I could choose to do any day over and over, it would be Christmas.
For everything that it represents, for all the memories it brings with it, and for all the newness each year brings...yeah, I'd do it over in a heartbeat.


Xmas 4


It's hard actually to find the words to acturately depict how special this past week has been. Nothing I write seems to do it justice and I find myself stumbling over words and ramblings and hitting the backspace more often than not.

So tonight I'll let the pictures tell the story.
Her first Christmas.
Forever engrained on my heart.









XMas 3

Joy is not in is in us.
Richard Wagner


The Moore Family said...

Pictures told the story! I love, love the sweet picture at the top of her in red and the one with Nick's step dad. . and all the others. Perfect for my Mary Poppins Courters!

Kris said...

What a wonderful first Christmas for Charlotte! I love all her cutie Christmas outfits - darling!