Sunday, December 19, 2010

We interupt this normally scheduled holiday post to bring you...

a football post.
Apple Cup to be specific.
Yes, as in 3 weeks ago Apple Cup. It's December friends, and things are busy, so certain things take a backseat. Like blogs. But we're still in the same month so I guess that's saying something right?

Picnik collage

We cheered on our Cougs in what was actually a really exciting game with the Loviks and the Ewings...and Charlotte sported her newest WSU gear proudly. As a general rule, I shy away from pink colored sports teams attire...I mean, if you are a fan of the team you should wear their colors, am I right? However, exceptions are made for babies.

Especially babies who look this cute.

Apple Cup


Lyndsy said...

Char looks so pretty in pink :)

casskarj said...

Hello! I love popping in and checking on you all. Though with 3 little ones here that doesn't happen often! Your sweet little one is such a cutie and growing fast. Hope your Christmas and New Year are wonderful. Many blessings,
the Karj's